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Top City Simulation Games

I’ve spent hours playing each of these sim games. What are the top city simulation games? Everyone has a different take. However,  by my review from the countless hours of my childhood to today, I was able to break it down to the top 6!

1. Sim City 4 / Rush Hour


One of the best parts of Sim […]

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United States Road map

Nothing’s more iconic than the United States Road map! With all it’s 50 states, and many highways and Interstates connecting to the many cites.
Some great United States Road maps at Amazon.com

A neon map of the United States.


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Biggest cities

What are the biggest cities on earth?
Well, this list is by terms of city proper, not the overall metro areas of each city.
Top 25 cities

Shanghai     24,150,000
Karachi        23,500,000
Beijing         21,150,000
Delhi           17,838,842
Lagos          17,060,307
Istanbul       14,160,467
Guangzhou 12,700,800
Mumbai       12,655,220
Moscow      12,111,194
Dhaka    […]

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London underground tube map

The London underground tube map with a new look!
The London underground is another city underneath.  The London tubes have been in operation since 1863! Today, the underground has 11 lines, 270 stations, 402 km long and has an annual ridership of over 1 billion people. So I decided to make my own version of the London […]

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Route planner

Paper vs Digital, Pros and Cons
How are we finding the best route planner? Now days it’s all about Google Maps and GPS technology, but remember the old days when you had a large folding paper map?

When I was young, we never had GPS or Google Maps on our phones to track the fastest and best directions around […]

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Time-scale transit map

A different and awesome new map I created based off of UTA (Utah Transit Authority) TRAX in Salt Lake City. Based on time between stations rather than distance. It is a time-scale transit Map!

Unlike most maps, where it focus more on the directions and stations, rather than the true geographic shape. This time-focus map of Salt Lake City’s Light Rail system […]

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TRON world map

Here is a map I created based of the movie TRON. Done in it’s neon blue lights. The TRON world map!

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5 London road maps

Here are 5 London road maps of my birth town. All done with effects in Photoshop by adding neon colors to it’s many roads.

London is always the place I love to visit, and I’ve always loved all the streets  how they blend together in so many angles. It’s an old town with lots of color and […]

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Manhattan street Map

The island of Manhattan is one of the more different places on earth. It’s a 22.96 square mile island in the middle of a massive metropolis. New York’s borough of Manhattan was one of the first maps I wanted to create in neon. With it’s street grid plan of the island, I knew that the […]

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India road Map

My next project was an India road Map in neon. Unlike with my World map, the India road map I wanted to make it focus on the detail of its highways. It’s a color neon graphic of the colors of the Hindu culture with a black background. The colors are divided by the counties states and […]

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